How to choose your first Vaporizer – A Beginners Guide

New to vaping? You may feel a bit overwhelmed when seeking to buy your first vaporizer. There are literally hundreds of options on the market to choose from and many of variables to consider when making a purchase. But much like any decision you make , choosing your first vape is a combination of what you need and what you can afford. Do a little research and choose wisely. Try to learn prior to the purchase about the best vaping set up for you.

Desktop or portable Vaporizer?
If you want to vape at home then you might consider a desktop vaporizer. The desktop versions are bulky and have to be plugged into a wall outlet, but are generally are more efficient and produce more vapor. If you want to vape on the go then you are looking for a portable vaporizer or vaping pen. The technology is for the portable vaping products is well advanced these days and there are many quality products out there. The portable versions are small, lightweight and cordless.

I am going to focus on the portable vaping products and will follow up on the desktop in another article.

Vape Pens
The portable vaping products on the market today are greatly improved from when vaping first began. What is great about the portable models is they are small, and they have batteries that are easily replaced and or recharged. You can vape anywhere and anytime.

My preference is to use battery powered vaporizers because it was what I was introduced to and for me it really is the easiest way to get my vape on. It’s quite obvious what I like because I am truly stoked about the products Aspire puts out – I have mentioned it before. That being said I wouldn’t hesitate to try new products across the board, but I am very happy with the way I vape.

There are also other types vaporizers on the market that have different heat sources. There are flame vaporizers which will use an ordinary lighter. Also, there are butane vaporizers that do not require electricity – this allows for a faster heating time and a steady temperature. Disposable pens have also become very popular. They make the disposable pens so anyone can vape wax, oil or even dry material.

All of these methods are great but the vaping method I find most reliable is battery powered vapers because I can swap a battery out and recharge continuously. It’s very easy.

Quality and Durability
This is important to consider because if you are like myself I vape because I use to be a smoker, and this is a great alternative. It’s very important that I have my vaporizer with me at all times since I recently changed my habits – I need the nicotine. For this resaon quality and durability of products is important. When you seek out new products you should go and test them or if you have friends you can see their vaporizers and use a product before a purchase. If you don’t have a friend go and read the ratings as rating websites are everywhere.

When you buy a vaporizer look for good workmanship. The parts of the vaporizers should be well put together and easy to take apart for cleaning and such. The manufacturer should have a warranty on the product, and most importantly choose a well reputable company with good customer service so if something should happen you can get satisfaction.

How much should you spend?
This is the biggest factor for the beginning vaper. I did not want to spend too much money on something I was not sure of and in my quest for a pen vaporizer I made a few mistake along the way. I wasted money on many products that did not live up to what I was told. My advice is to not break the bank. Find a reputable company and plan to spend anywhere between $50 to upwards of $150.

When I first saw vaping I did not think much of it because it was just flavors and did not give me what I needed. Then I got to try it and I personally see the benefits as the companies added various levels of nicotine which I thought was cool. These days I see vaping as one of the next big things and for me it’s worked out great. Hopefully there is some advice you can use in this and please come back to visit soon.

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