How to be a Socially Responsible CannaTourist

You are excited. You love cannabis and smoke weed all the time but know the product you are buying is off the black market in outdated states with poor regulation. Or you have your medical card in another state but know it doesn’t work here. Or you haven’t smoked in years but heard all about the cannabis-based tourism happening in Colorado and can’t wait to get your hand on something, anything, to make your ski trip the best one possible.

Except, there is a problem. There are a few problems. First, you can’t travel with some of the things you might want to smoke with or have nothing available to smoke once you get here. Next, it is only legal to smoke at a private residence, and clearly you are not a resident. Lastly, you are in a place where you don’t know how much to buy? How much is enough and what is going to happen if you buy too much? You can always throw it away, but where, and you don’t want to waste your money on a product you are not going to be enjoying.

Well, here at The Stone Dispensary, we are proud to partner with countless individuals in the canna-tourist industry. We see all the time when we have new customers who come in who have never seen a legal dispensary before. Or we see times where there are issues where people have not smoked for years and are just reintroducing themselves to a new individual.

If you are visiting Denver in hopes of getting high or looking to get high while you are here in Denver, here are our top recommendations for making the most out of your experience.

Find a Friend, Rent a Smoke Friendly Property & Don’t Break the Law

We understand the frustrating piece of the law. You can smoke cannabis legally in Colorado but only on private property. What this does is put you, the Cannabis-tourist, into a particularly awful bind. You want to get high, but you do not want to either get a ticket or suffer from a hotel charge by smoking in your hotel room. It leaves you in quite the predicament. Where do you get high?

Well, first and foremost, try and rent smoke friendly properties. With the rise of programs like AirBnB, you will often see listings where the renter offers the fact that their apartment or space is cannabis friendly. By finding a private property you can rent and smoke at up front, this is great because it allows you the chance to rest easy in satisfying your desire to get high.

The other piece, make friends! We are often sociable people in Colorado, and many of us love making new friends. If you run out of options, look on social media apps like MassRoots or High There. Both apps provide you access to a community of cannabis enthusiasts who are willing to offer places for smoking. Because of the social media tie, both offer you a variety of options for connecting and might be a great chance for you to find someone who will smoke with you.

Lastly, don’t break the law. If you are in a bind, remember smoking in an extremely public place is illegal and can end you up with a ticket. So is smoking in a hotel or especially a car. Be smart about your smoking.

Buy PreRolls or Edibles, Easy to Consume

If you do not want to spend too much money on flower only to have it go to waste, or you do not have to smoke your new purchase, be smart about your buying options. At The Stone Dispensary, we are proud to offer an always extended repertoire of ways to get high. Our staff are experts at making extremely generous pre-rolled joints from some of our best strains meaning you can get a great high without a hassle.

Another option is our edible selection. Buying edibles is a great choice because they can be taken discreetly without anyone’s knowledge of you using them. They are orderless, leaving behind no smoke, come in a variety of STONEencies and it is possible to buy single servings of edibles, making them perfect for a quick trip to Colorado.

We also would recommend checking out a vapor pen for your time out here. Depending on how long your visit, we have a great variety of vapor pens using concentrates as a means of getting you high. The concentrates you purchase can be pretty powerful in their offers if you have enough people in your party smoking (or you just like smoking a lot). Concentrates offer the perfect alternative to buying a ton of flower, figuring out how to smoke and worrying about the process of getting high.

Your Medical License Is Not Valid Here

Medical licenses are one of the big issues we here quite a few times. People come into our shops with a med license from another state and are frustrated when we cannot sell to them on the medical side. We always tell them the same thing. We are a Denver Medical Dispensary. What this means is we can only accept licenses for Colorado, not anywhere else. Location does matter and sadly the federal government has not caught up with the times. Just be prepared for this.

Many dispensary owners and budtenders, ours include, are more than willing tholepin you understand what we can offer you on the recreational side to get the best high and treat your medical needs but sadly we cannot let you purchase on the medical side. Just be prepared, so you are not disappointed by this when it does happen.

Be Smart

The last piece we always recommend to our customers is to be smart. There are laws in place in Colorado, and you do not want to spoil your fun by getting high in the right place and getting slapped with a fine. Also, don’t smoke, or imbibe and drive. Be smart like with another substance.

If you know where to look, you can find great places to smoke all around you with a little diligence. Just be respect of the CO natives, be respectful of other peoples’ space, and make sure yo are following the appropriate laws.

If you are smart about your desired cannabis tourism, you can always have a great time out here without too much of a hassle.

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