At The Stone Dispensary, we cater to a variety of customers with countless needs. Whether helping our medical patients finding a specific strain that manages their symptoms or our recreational consumers finding the perfect flower to complement their desired high. On a daily basis, we see and hear from every demographic. What we have noticed in many of these interactions is that there is a disconnect. People are afraid to ask questions. Some of our patients have a desired result but never vocalize it because of fear of judgment. We know it is easy to walk into a dispensary and feel lost.

Between the labels and the names, the THC versus CBD percentages. Hearing things like sativa or indica have no meaning to anyone from the casual consumer to even someone who has been using medical marijuana for years. Where there are so many options surrounding cannabis, there is not a lot of good information. Even worse, in many places on the internet, there is bad information with little grounding.

Having run our operation with an outstanding product for years, we know people want answers. People want to enjoy their cannabis-infused experience. Having questions about what you are buying should never hinder you from getting the most out of your experience. Where our professional staff is always more than willing to answer your questions, we want to make our customer’s experience better. To help in the process, below are some of the many basic terms you should know, and how they impact you when seeking out the basics of using cannabis.


Medical marijuana is cannabis designed for the holistic treatment of certain diseases or for mitigating & improving the symptoms of others. You hear of medical marijuana being used to help with treatment during cancer, in reducing physical pain, dealing with stomach issues, and in the prevention of seizures. Medical plants have also been used to treat PTSD and reduce anxiety. There are countless options for medical treatment.

Medical marijuana, like many other forms of cannabis, can be smoked, vaporized, eaten, or even administered through capsules and pills. It also tends to mix different strains that we explain below. In Colorado, you must have a state-issued medical marijuana card to purchase on the medical side. For medical marijuana, we recommend you come into our store to work with an expert learning about the different ways strains can impact you and finding a customized treatment right for your medical needs.


The state of Colorado legalized recreational marijuana using Amendment 64. Since January of 2014, it has been legal to purchase for anyone 21 and older. It is important with recreational marijuana to recognize that within the state of Colorado it is still only legal to use on your private property. Like medical, recreational marijuana is available in a variety of forms and can be smoked, vaporized, eaten, and applied in topical ointments.

With recreational marijuana, the effect is similar to medical but often what you are consuming isn’t tailored towards a condition. Instead, recreational marijuana is built around the different strains and the impacts of different types of weed. Another difference to note for recreational marijuana is that it is taxed, opposed to the medical side of the industry.


Bud, another name for the dried flower of a cannabis plant, is the most common name for what you are smoking when you are consuming cannabis. Bud or flower comes from the cannabis plant but must be properly handled by a dispensary before it can be sold. Expert growers properly cure a flower before its sale to ensure the best high. A great bud should be well-trimmed and properly dried out before being sold to a customer.

Our budtenders, who we are extremely proud of in their expertise, work to help the average customer understand the difference between a variety of bud. The type of flower you are purchasing will dictate the impact on the smoker, its strain and a variety of other factors. There is a variety of ways to smoke a flower or turn it into a consumable substance. Our team always stands ready to help you understand how to make the most of your flower, when you should use it, and different ways you can enjoy your purchase.



The more “heady” of the strains, sativas are designed to produce an uplifting, mental high. Sativas produce a great mental effect, impacting your mindset. These flowers do not make you feel lazy or “stoned” but instead offer a greater degree of mental buzz.

Sativa use can vary, but these strains are great for numerous activities including;

  • Listening to music or attending concerts
  • Creative activities, working on projects
  • Social activities, going out
  • Consuming media such as reading, movies, or music


Indica has a reputation as the lazy, body high feeling versions of strains. Known for their relaxing and sedative effect, these strains specializing in producing anything ranging from a relaxing body high all the way to a very sedated type mentality. Indicas are great for consuming for relaxation. If you want to feel a nice enjoyable and relaxing high, these are your plant.

Indica is best for activities including;

  • Aiding in falling asleep
  • Calming down from stress or muscle tension
  • Lack of appetite
  • Muscle inflation


THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the most well-known chemical in cannabis. Known for its psychoactive chemicals, THC produces some effects. Depending on the strain of what you are smoking, it will impact the difference high you experience and your ability to function on these different highs.

THC is the most common form of cannabinoid (a chemical component of the cannabis plant) and many times; your bud tenders might talk about different percentages of THC in a specific strain. Strains above 20% THC content can be considered pretty strong in accomplishing their desired results.


The technical name of CBD is Cannabidiol. CBD is a very popular formation of cannabis that offers a variety of therapeutic purposes. Many times it is used for the treatment of specific illnesses, but it can also often be used for recreational users to deliver a very calming and enjoyable body high. Unlike THC, CBD does not lend to a feeling of being “stoned” a popular term for cannabis users.

CBD stems from the chemical breakdown of the various flower and strain you are using. CBD is lesser known than its cousin, THC. It is not uncommon to hear certain strains mentioning a CBD to THC ratio. If you are seeking a more mellow high that leaves you functioning, we would recommending checking our CBDs!


Concentrates are made of butane hash oil to produce an extremely STONEent version of cannabis. Concentrates are made by dissolving marijuana into a solvent, thus creating the term concentrate. Concentrates have a very high level of THC in small amounts, making them strong alternatives to flower. Concentrate also are called many things depending on how they are consumed. Due to the flexibility of what you are consuming, the name of concentrates can change.


Edibles are another popular form of consumption with the cannabis industry. These products involve the use of cannabis-infused butter or concentrates, added prior to the baking process, as a means of delivering cannabis-based chemicals to an individual.

Edibles are of note because they are sometimes considered an entirely different high. Everything from the strain used to the mode of consumption can deeply impact the high delivered by edibles. It is always important when using edibles that you take it slow. Most edibles should not be consumed in mass amounts, and it can take two hours or more before you feel their effect.

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