Aspire’s e-hookah – Proteus

Proteus The E-Hookah Accessory That You Need to Try

proteus by aspire aspire proteus proteus for hookahs

I have been using Aspire products for awhile and have found the products to be very well built and still holding up after some heavy use. I now have the Elite Kit and I love it but the reason I write today is because I have caught wind of a few new products from Aspire.

The first product I believe they are releasing is an E-hookah that will attach to the top of any hookah so you can vape your own juice via a hookah. That is absolutely classic and am very anxious to see it and actually have a chance to try it. However, through my networks I have got some excellent details about the new product, but I do not know when it’s actually to be launched on the market.

The specs on the product are:
• 10 ml Tank
• LED Indicators
• USB port
• Dimensions: 100 x 75 x 37
• Dual 18650 Batteries – Included with the kit
• Use with traditional hookah
• Works with regular e liquids (high VG)
• .25 ohm, Organic cotton coils, Stainless Steel Wire 316L

The 10 ml tank is huge and will provide some great vaping times. I am especially excited to bring friends to a party and be able to put the Proteus on top and vape with close friends and family. Alot of people do not smoke or vape but if we at a party they would try it because everyone is trying it. This is the real reason I am very excited about this addition to the Aspire family of vaping products. I believe it will be great fun.

Original hookahs used coals as a heat source, and the tobacco leafs were drenched in liquids that had the flavors. The airflow for these were sheets of aluminum foil that they poked holes through. This was how it was done before, but with the Proteus from Aspire this will all change and quickly. These days we have great flavors – hundreds of flavors that were not available before. Also we now have a reliable electric heat source – the coils, and this is huge for hookahs afficianados and vapers.

For the most part hookah smokers are looking for huge clouds, the experience with a real hookah and a great time with their friends. I believe Aspire is definitely hitting the mark with this new product launch. Fact of the matter is I know my true hookah smoking buddies are going to flip when I show up with this at the next party. I am certainly looking forward to checking out the Aspire Proteus

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