3 Essential Dispensary Security Best Practices

3 Essential Dispensary Security Best Practices

December 3, 2018

When it comes to dispensary security, cannabis is still very much a criminal target due to the cash-only nature of most legal cannabis businesses and the fact that cannabis products still carry a significant black market value in non-legalized cannabis states. Dispensary security best practices can help you mitigate any potential threats and deter crime before it happens. If you have a cannabis business license, whether it be for a dispensary, a grow, manufacturing facility or testing lab, protecting your business, your team, and thus, your investment, should be a top priority. Comprehensive, 360 security frameworks can be pricey, but it’s rare that a business truly warrants that level of security systems. For those of you just interested in protecting your investment rather than setting up Fort Knox, there are 3 essential dispensary security best practices you must establish and maintain.

Intrusion Detection

When it comes to dispensary security best practices, the first line of defense is intrusion detection that protects your business from threats at all times, especially after operating hours. Digital security systems start with alarm systems built to deter would-be crime from happening in the first place. Sometimes, a loud alarm and bright flashing lights are all it takes to stop an incident before it starts.

While an alarm system can be all it takes to deter criminals, not all of them are so quick to avoid a challenge. The alarm is essential, but dispensary security best practices also require that alarm to trigger a response from law enforcement. This can be an automated signal that sends to the nearest police station upon being triggered, or it can be manually triggered by a remote monitoring security guard.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is the most cost-effective security method to provide to your dispensary, or any business, with around the clock oversight using live, eyes on monitoring. Digital security systems and cameras are effective by themselves, but having a trained security guard professional monitor your cameras 24/7 provides your premises with unmatched protection and for a fraction of the cost of physical security guards or patrol guards. This can also allow for loudspeaker functionality, so if alarms and cameras aren’t enough by themselves, a person speaking over the loudspeaker will lead them to believe that someone is inside and scare them off. However, Helix’s dispensary security best practices require a physical guard on-premise at all times that people are physically present. 

Don’t forget to train your staff on the top dispensary employee security tips!

Building Fortification

The best way to protect your investment is to make sure your dispensary is locked down like a fortress. More sophisticated criminals will not be deterred by alarm systems, security cameras, or even a loudspeaker, so ensuring your dispensary’s physical assets are tightly secured is an essential dispensary security best practice. From doors and windows down to your inventory and cash storage, you want to make it as difficult as possible for someone to break in so that criminals will just go for an easier target.

In addition to these building fortification dispensary security best practices, it’s also essential that your dispensary staff are trained in security best practices. Things like de-escalation, situational control, and threat identification can serve as your first line of defense to stop a situation before it starts.

For more tips and to get some help implementing one or more of these cannabis business security practices, reach out to one of our cannabis security experts at Helix Cannabis Security for a free consultation of your business.

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