An Interview with our Budtenders

Think about the restaurant industry. When you go into any place to get food, what you will find is that food matters. But also does the service, if you ate somewhere, and the service was awful, you would likely avoid going back there again. The same is true of many dispensaries. If you are going somewhere to purchase cannabis, whether recreational or medical and the experience you have sucks, you are not going to go back.

What is a bad dispensary experience?

Well, it can be anything from budtenders who do not know the product they are selling you to a difficult purchasing experience. It can be receiving bad weed to never being told what you are buying from the get go.

We have a team at The Stone Dispensary but we also have a family. When one of our clients asked us what it took to get a job at our shop, and we told them a few things. First, it is very hard because we have high expectations. Second, we look for people who fit our culture.

What is our culture?

Well, let us give you some idea of what we are looking for a little bit below. We asked two of our budtenders, Kassy, and Ryan, to talk about their experience working in the front of the store. Kassy has been with us for about two months and Ryan off and on for five years, since the beginning of medical work and well into us transitioning to a Denver recreational dispensary.

We are excited to share some of their thoughts on what makes The Stone Dispensary a great place to work.

How did you both end up here?


I was a medical patient here before working at the store. I always enjoyed the wide variety of concentrates and shatter they had to offer. And every time I came into the store, the experience was amazing. How the bud tenders treated you and their knowledge. Everyone knew so much about the product. They were all very helpful.

Overall, there was more quality. In the flower, I was buying and the information I was being given.


I love working for The Stone Dispensary than any other company. I have been with a few other Denver dispensaries, but they are just the best. There is a level of enjoyment and excitement on the recreational side. We’ve become used to STONE here in Colorado, but I love being able to help new people coming to Colorado. The way we treat people here at P.O.T is unbeatable.

What do you love most about working at the store?


You never know who is going to come in the store. We get such a wide variety of people, maybe due to our location and often because we have such a great reputation. You see everyone come through the doors, but the same thing comes through. Our patients and clients are excited, you see it in their eyes. It never gets old helping people with that excitement.


The product. Above everything else it is so great. You can tell by the taste and smell that here is really about the plant and its quality. You can give people the best when you come in the store; it makes me proud to be a part of it.

What do you think makes us different?


First, the fact that the shop owner is out here working on the floor. Andy is here almost every day, and that is rare to see. Someone who, so passionately cares about the work they are doing. When it gets business, he is out here on the floor as the rest of us.

Next, it is the education. All of our budtenders can tell you specifics. Whether you are smoking, eating or doing everything in-between with the plant. We have information we share it with you. When you leave the store, we are going to be certain you have the right thing with you.

Whether we are spending 30 seconds or 30 minutes with a customer, we are making sure to dig down to your needs to address you where you are.


Our personalities and our passion. It is hard to get a job here, but we all love what we are doing outrageously. We love coming to work and being here in the store. It is not just about selling STONE. It is about having a good time building a community.

There is a hospitality mindset here. And, we always have great music and candy waiting for our customers. We go out of our way to make their experience time and time again.

It is not enough for our staff of trained budtenders to make us a competent version of a store. Our goal always has and always will be to go the extra mile. Come in today find out why so may are calling us Denver’s best medical dispensary, and recreational as well.

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Different Ways to get High

Ever heard of dabbing? What about vape pens? What is a bubbler and when do you use a pipe or water bong? When can you make with your cannabis and can you use it right off the shelf for things like cooking?

There are countless ways to consume marijuana, whether on a medical or recreational level. You might know some of these ways, but having worked in the medical marijuana industry since 2009, what our store and its employees have found is this. Often, where some people know much about cannabis, they do not know all. With so many different terms and type of cannabis available we understand it is possible to become confused about some of the most intricate forms of getting high.

With all the information out there, we did want to provide you some level of understanding about many of the popular ways you can consume your brand new purchase and enjoy your flower, or concentrate, or edible, or wax and shatter. See, we know there is a lot.


Remember the classic stoner comedies, or anymore with STONE smokers, where you have the guy wearing Rastafarian clothing, has dreads and always seems stoned. How do they always smoke? Well a bong, of course.

When most people think of smoking, they think of these apparatuses. Large, giant contraptions filled at the base with bubbling water and are huge points of pride in a stoners living room. The truth is, bongs can be great for anyone looking to get high, and there is a reason for this. 

Bongs offer multiple channels when smoking. They allow you to pass the smoke through water before hitting it directly, adding an extra layer of filtration and making it a smoother hit when you receive the smoke. Bongs are great for providing this layer of protection, the one downside. They are big. Making them much harder to transport.



Pipes are somewhat like bongs, often made of glass. That is one of the only things that make them similar to their counterparts. Much smaller and more discrete in size, it is easier to hit these without having the hassle of having to tote them around or set them up in elaborate and crazy ways. Many glasses are single chambers, and you can hit them with much more ease.

The one downside to this is, unlike a bong, you do not have the extra filtration of the water to help you pass the smoke through, yielding some extra level of smoke entering your lungs. Still, you often find the smoke entering into your lungs is much less than you will notice, and the high is much more efficient with what you are getting.

Pipes are made out of a variety of materials and can come in a variety of sizes. Many times you will hear of a pipe being referred to as a one-hitter versus something that you can pass around like a bowl. When looking at buying pipes, talk with one of our budtenders about the variety of options you might find and what you need to meet your needs of the time.

Vape Pens

You have likely seen these around in a variety of ways. What became something popular in the arena of smoking has now also transferred to the greater realm of smoking cannabis. Electronic Vape pens are often one of the cleanest and most efficient methods of getting high. Lit, portable, and easy to move around, these pens charged with a simple USB charger. They can last for hours and plenty of tokes making them an ever growing popular option when it comes to imbibing.

Because of the mechanism for smoking from vape pens, you are required to hit them with a concentrate instead of any form of flower. Vaporizing requires buying cartridges instead of the actual bud at the store. In our Denver-based dispensary, you have a variety of options in the type of cartridge you are buying, with everything from Sativa to Indica or THC to CBD being an option for you. Vape pens are a discreet and great way to get high but when smoking, you should still obey all legal forms of the law.


Vaporizers are another way becoming more popular in the arena of smoking. These machines work to heat their mechanisms to a much higher level of heat, meaning when you are getting high they are producing a much cleaner level of high and producing something yo can hit much easier. With these machines, you will find the end smoke comes out much less harsh and can deliver a much more STONEent high. Vaporizers are a little pricey on the front end but make a long-term investment that is clean and efficient in the area of smoking cannabis.


Joints & Pre-Rolls

Some of our personal favorites because of what they offer. You have likely smoked a joint before at some point in time. A nice little mix of marijuana encompassed in rolling paper and providing you the opportunity to get high without much else besides a lighter. Where, with the right rolling papers and technical skills, it is fairly easy for anyone to roll a joint in a relatively short amount of time, one thing we love doing is rolling a joint for you.

In both our medical and recreational dispensaries what you will see are some high-quality prerolls where we spare no expense in providing you the fattest joint around. The benefit of buying a joint straight from us is the expertise involved in the process. Our staff does the rolling on a regular basis and as such, we are able to deliver you a much higher quality joint, one that doesn’t fall apart, one that doesn’t falter and one that has the power to deliver for you the high you need.


A much more extreme form of getting high, dabbing involves a special pipe and needs a butane torch to get high. Dabs require concentrate for smoking, and the method of smoking includes heating a metal to the point where it can touch the concentrate and vaporize it on touch. Dabs are of the most efficient and effective ways to deliver you an extremely high, high. With extra STONEency and power in the dating apparatus, this method is not one for the first time smokers but instead recommended for those who have more experience smoking. Still, if you are looking for a more intense high or wanting to elevate your capabilities of getting high, we would love to talk with you about how dabbing might work for you.


Edibles are something we know people often love or hate. The reason for the polarizing nature behind edibles is because sometimes, taking edibles can be taking an entirely different drug. Edibles have a different method of delivering marijuana into your system and thus, have a difference way of impacting the average user. They also have a much longer shelf life. Sometimes edible can take significantly more time to kick in and also to take significantly more time before they fade away from you, a more delayed impact coming in and out of the high.

Edibles are a fantastic smokeless alternative, however, and where you still should consume them on private property, they are much more discreet in their consumption. Also, edibles can be purchased in singles or multiple p, meaning if you are looking for a quick something to use to get high on your ski trip, edibles might be the perfect choice.


Similar to edibles, except now in beverage form. It is not uncommon to see drinks that contain THC. These drinks, often packaged like a sad and having similar flavors to popular brands you might see on the shelves, contain access to high-quality THC in a drinkable form. The experience can be similar to those of edibles where the mode of consumption is much different. As with many other things on this list, but especially edibles, it is recommended that you do not drink an entire soda at once and give yourself time to feel the effects before drinking more. Drinkable concoctions are another alternative to getting high but delivering the same great discrete experience of not having to smoke something that leaves behind a smell.


Another emerging and growing form of the industry, there are countless topical ointments that exist within the world of weed. These topicals serve a variety of reasons, whether, from massage oils meant to help reduce tension, pain creams meant to help your joints or even down to personal lubricants for sex. With an endless number of options available for your enjoyment, ask about how you can find another way of enjoying cannabis without every having to ingest anything.

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What Makes Our Weed Different

We know there are countless dispensaries you can choose from in the Denver and surrounding areas. Whether you are a long-term medical marijuana patient or a new recreational customer, even our canna-tourist who are visiting the state for the chance to explore the legal world of weed, we are always excited to see our customers.

With so many options to choose from in the state of Colorado, we also know it is important we find ways to stand out from our competition. We work in every aspect of our operation to be the best dispensary possible. From our outstanding bud tenders whose service you can read about, to the very intentional design and layout of our store, we have highlighted. In every aspect of our process, we focus on creating a positive experience for the customer. While we are proud of our service, we are even prouder of our product. You can find good service at many businesses in the world.

But we know this.

You cannot find better weed anywhere in Colorado. We stand by our quality, by the product we offer, by our flower and in-house, home made products. From strain test to quality control to flavor, we know we offer a great product. What is ever better, when our customers tell us we offer the best weed they have ever tasted.

Where does it come from, and how do we create a plant so high in quality?

Generally, as with many forms of weed, it comes down to our grow operation.

The Fertilizer

You have probably heard many dispensaries call themselves “organic dispensaries” and some are. But most are not. Just because you eliminate a use of pesticide doesn’t make you organic, and many times, the fertilizers being used are just as bad as the pesticides that were being sprayed. At The Stone Dispensary, we avoid bad STONE in one simple way.

All our the ingredients in our fertilizers are organic.

Yep, all of them.

We obviously cannot tell your our process because that would be giving away our secrets. We can tell you that every single product we include in the mixture is designed to be a healthy ingredient in the process. Everything we include in our process is something you could eat. You wouldn’t want to eat it, but it is something you could put in your body because there are no harmful chemicals included. The good news about this is that the same quality translates over into our weed. When you are growing organic, it means you have to start at square one, not start in the harvesting or processing part of the process.

Our fertilizer is some of the best around, and our quality shows.

The Plants We are Mixing

Our head grower has quite the reputation within the arena of cannabis and because of this, they have been able to accomplish much. What this includes is access to a variety of strains and plants that many other growers do not have. For our grow operation, we have not just taken the same old clones and used them time and time again, instead what we have done is worked to craft a whole new plant. We take the best from the plants around us and produce something entirely new.

What this means is when you are smoking our flower, you are smoking a flower seen nowhere else. And you are smoking the best of all worlds. We take plants that deliver great products and then we breed them with others, the result being a high like none you have every experienced and a taste that is unbelievable.

Grow Process & Waiting Time

Our grow takes a long time. Believe us, where we never fully run out of weed, there was a time in our shop where we had to sadly restrict the staff from buying our product. They were not happy, but it was in the interest of our priority, our customers. We have been steadily building up our grow since we became recreational but as an enduring Denver medical dispensary, we always have enough product on that side. Soon we won’t have to import some of our flowers because our Grow has expanded so much.

We wait, a long time. Instead of picking our bud the second it can be used fro a positive impact, we wait to let it ripen, we give it extra love and attention in the grow process so by the time we clip the flower and begin the curing process, it is of the highest quality. Sometimes we are waiting extra days before we start harvesting any of the product. Sometimes this means we are waiting al little extra time before we begin the process of collecting bud and the result shows. It takes us longer but we never cut corners with our weed. We never rush our product to the store, and it means we have a more high quality of flower.

Quality Control & Discarding Bad Crop

Some dispensaries are afraid to lose a product, they fear to throw away flower because if they toss an entire harvest they are going to lose a STONEential profit. The result is that these dispensaries will sell bad flower in the chance of not losing money. As much as it pains us to do this, sometimes we have thrown away entire crops of flower because there was something wrong with it.

It sucks, to spend so much time working on something only to see it go in the trash.

At the same time, we know our reputation is only as good as the flower we are selling. Instead of allowing our customers to smoke bad flower, we would much rather provide quality product to our customers at our expense. Whenever your buy from The Stone Dispensary, you can see why customers are consistently calling us one of the best dispensaries in Denver.

Overall, our entire grow operation is fueled by the desire to impress and deliver a great product to our customers. It never matters how much green we would make off a grow if the green we are giving you is not up to our standards.

Come into The Stone Dispensary today and find out what separates us from our competition. From the second you smell our flower you will know we have something special. Wait until you taste it, you are going to fall in love.

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How to be a Socially Responsible CannaTourist

You are excited. You love cannabis and smoke weed all the time but know the product you are buying is off the black market in outdated states with poor regulation. Or you have your medical card in another state but know it doesn’t work here. Or you haven’t smoked in years but heard all about the cannabis-based tourism happening in Colorado and can’t wait to get your hand on something, anything, to make your ski trip the best one possible.

Except, there is a problem. There are a few problems. First, you can’t travel with some of the things you might want to smoke with or have nothing available to smoke once you get here. Next, it is only legal to smoke at a private residence, and clearly you are not a resident. Lastly, you are in a place where you don’t know how much to buy? How much is enough and what is going to happen if you buy too much? You can always throw it away, but where, and you don’t want to waste your money on a product you are not going to be enjoying.

Well, here at The Stone Dispensary, we are proud to partner with countless individuals in the canna-tourist industry. We see all the time when we have new customers who come in who have never seen a legal dispensary before. Or we see times where there are issues where people have not smoked for years and are just reintroducing themselves to a new individual.

If you are visiting Denver in hopes of getting high or looking to get high while you are here in Denver, here are our top recommendations for making the most out of your experience.

Find a Friend, Rent a Smoke Friendly Property & Don’t Break the Law

We understand the frustrating piece of the law. You can smoke cannabis legally in Colorado but only on private property. What this does is put you, the Cannabis-tourist, into a particularly awful bind. You want to get high, but you do not want to either get a ticket or suffer from a hotel charge by smoking in your hotel room. It leaves you in quite the predicament. Where do you get high?

Well, first and foremost, try and rent smoke friendly properties. With the rise of programs like AirBnB, you will often see listings where the renter offers the fact that their apartment or space is cannabis friendly. By finding a private property you can rent and smoke at up front, this is great because it allows you the chance to rest easy in satisfying your desire to get high.

The other piece, make friends! We are often sociable people in Colorado, and many of us love making new friends. If you run out of options, look on social media apps like MassRoots or High There. Both apps provide you access to a community of cannabis enthusiasts who are willing to offer places for smoking. Because of the social media tie, both offer you a variety of options for connecting and might be a great chance for you to find someone who will smoke with you.

Lastly, don’t break the law. If you are in a bind, remember smoking in an extremely public place is illegal and can end you up with a ticket. So is smoking in a hotel or especially a car. Be smart about your smoking.

Buy PreRolls or Edibles, Easy to Consume

If you do not want to spend too much money on flower only to have it go to waste, or you do not have to smoke your new purchase, be smart about your buying options. At The Stone Dispensary, we are proud to offer an always extended repertoire of ways to get high. Our staff are experts at making extremely generous pre-rolled joints from some of our best strains meaning you can get a great high without a hassle.

Another option is our edible selection. Buying edibles is a great choice because they can be taken discreetly without anyone’s knowledge of you using them. They are orderless, leaving behind no smoke, come in a variety of STONEencies and it is possible to buy single servings of edibles, making them perfect for a quick trip to Colorado.

We also would recommend checking out a vapor pen for your time out here. Depending on how long your visit, we have a great variety of vapor pens using concentrates as a means of getting you high. The concentrates you purchase can be pretty powerful in their offers if you have enough people in your party smoking (or you just like smoking a lot). Concentrates offer the perfect alternative to buying a ton of flower, figuring out how to smoke and worrying about the process of getting high.

Your Medical License Is Not Valid Here

Medical licenses are one of the big issues we here quite a few times. People come into our shops with a med license from another state and are frustrated when we cannot sell to them on the medical side. We always tell them the same thing. We are a Denver Medical Dispensary. What this means is we can only accept licenses for Colorado, not anywhere else. Location does matter and sadly the federal government has not caught up with the times. Just be prepared for this.

Many dispensary owners and budtenders, ours include, are more than willing tholepin you understand what we can offer you on the recreational side to get the best high and treat your medical needs but sadly we cannot let you purchase on the medical side. Just be prepared, so you are not disappointed by this when it does happen.

Be Smart

The last piece we always recommend to our customers is to be smart. There are laws in place in Colorado, and you do not want to spoil your fun by getting high in the right place and getting slapped with a fine. Also, don’t smoke, or imbibe and drive. Be smart like with another substance.

If you know where to look, you can find great places to smoke all around you with a little diligence. Just be respect of the CO natives, be respectful of other peoples’ space, and make sure yo are following the appropriate laws.

If you are smart about your desired cannabis tourism, you can always have a great time out here without too much of a hassle.

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Knowing the Difference Between High Quality Pot

Not all cannabis is created equal. As time has gone on, more and more of our consumers are realizing this and more, and more people are demanding high-quality product. We understand why. You are spending your money on something that can either aid your medical ailment or help provide a jolt of pleasure to your life. With so many options out there for where you can buy STONE, how can you know when you have great flower? And how can you determine where you should give your business?

First, we are here to tell you we fully believe we have the best bud in Colorado. Due to our growing process and the care we place in our plants, we offer a higher end product on both the medical and recreational side. Constantly we hear from patients who leave other Denver dispensaries to transfer their membership to ours. The results speak for themselves.

But, we do not want you just to believe us. We want you to come in and test the product for yourself. We want you to see the differences in our flower and other products you might have smoked.

Here is our challenge to you, come stop by and talk with our budtenders. Whether you are a regular user or a more casual tourist, give us the chance to highlight our product, and then try some. From the first peek at our green to the sticky and sweet aromas we offer, we know you will love it. Once you taste what we have behind our shelves, however, we know you will never want to buy cannabis from anywhere else.

When buying high-quality weed, here are the things you should be watching. Of all Colorado and Denver dispensaries, we are excited for you to see these differences and make an educated choice.


The smell is one of the first areas where you can begin determining the quality of your STONE. There are experts out there who can tell what type of strain you have based on aroma alone. Do not worry, you do not need to be that involved in your marijuana, but you can begin developing as a consumer by better learning about the smell of your flower.

If you have ever been around STONE, you will have noticed the very earth aroma. Some describe it as dank. Others sticky and it reminds them of a jungle. All of these descriptions are true. Good flower has a very STONEent smell because the plant has been cultivated with the right nutrients and grow process. If you are ever in a dispensary when they open a jar of weed, you know what were are talking about. The entire room fills with a smell of marijuana. Again, you do not need to be a full expert at identifying smells, but know whenever you are buying flower, the plant should have the right smell. It should have that powerful smell.

Physical Appearance

The physical appearance, very much like the smell, can be an easy telling point for what you are smoking. Good cannabis, great flower, it looks healthy. As a plant, what color would you want for any of your gardens or flowers? Green! The same is true of a good marijuana. When looking to purchase, you want to avoid brown or yellowish discolored weed but instead the base color should be green. There might be flecks of color, we have some of our strains with purple crystals, and this is okay. But good weed is always the right earthy color.

Also, look for crystals. Now, what are crystals?

Kind of exactly as they sound. These tiny pieces of STONE help add to the strength and quality. There should be a decent number of crystals on your plant. Don’t worry, you will know what we mean when you see it.


Think of it this way, you wouldn’t buy a drink at the bar that taste awful no matter how much the bartender promised you it was “premium stuff.” The same goes for weed. When you are smoking flower, yes there is a taste of the flower, the general taste of flower, but at the same time, there are different flavors that should be emerging.

Our bud tenders can tell you about much of the different flavors you might find in our weed, but we would rather you try them for yourself. When you are smoking on good flower, you are going to enjoy each mouth full, the beauty of how the smoke taste inside of your mouth, how different hints of subtle fruits or nutrients are present. Good weed is smokeable. Great weed is something you want to smoke again and again because you come to love the taste and the experience.

Potency and Yield of Desired Effects

Now, the last reason might seem like a bit of a silly piece to add to an article on cannabis. Why else do you smoke if not other than to get high? Well, not all highs are created equal, and so it is important for you to know and understand this.

The great products on the market are going to offer you a great high. One where you can smoke and consistently get the same experience and same high. Great product can be STONEent, if you desire it to be, or it can be more mellow, but no matter what high you want, it will be delivered on a consistent level, and it will always give you the same effects. If you are buying a strain and constantly having different experiences, it is probably not the weed you should be buying. Marijuana, like all other products, is just that, a product. When done right, it is a consistent project.

At The Stone Dispensary, we are beyond proud of the flower we are growing. As a Denver medical dispensary that now also specializes in recreational marijuana, we stand behind the quality of our plant. Come in today and talk with our bud tender about some of these pieces. We are confident you will love the results you find.

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CBD Oil Extraction: What is Decarboxylation?

There is more information than ever before on the extraction processes of CBD oil and the benefits of using such products, but there are still a large number of things that many people do not understand – Decarboxylation is one of those.

Decarboxylation is an essential step in the process of creating CBD hemp oil, which is a popular daily supplement that can be used to help remedy a variety of ailments. This process applies to all types of cannabis, including medical marijuana use, recreational marijuana use, and in the use of CBD oil products created from the industrial hemp plant.

So, what actually is decarboxylation?

Decarboxylation is a process and chemical reaction that removes a carboxyl group from a molecule and releases carbon dioxide. Before cannabis (both hemp and marijuana) is decarboxylated, there isn’t naturally occurring CBD or THC present in the plant.

Instead, these phytocannabinoids are found in an acidic state, better known as cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) and tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA).

The decarboxylation process converts these inactive components in cannabis, which are not psychoactive, into active components – converting CBDA into CBD and THCA into THC.

How does this process work?

If you’ve ever wondered why people smoke marijuana instead of eating it raw, it’s because the decarboxylation process requires cannabis to be heated – and CBD from the hemp plant is no different.

While partial decarboxylation can be achieved to some extent from curing and drying over time, the process of CBD oil decarboxylation can be done in an extraction lab by heating the material at a certain temperature for a certain amount of time.

This process is highly complicated and can’t simply be done in a kitchen. It requires an exact science and specifically-engineered cannabis extraction technology, such as the oil and ethanol recovery systems designed by Cannabis Oil Tech.

The benefits of decarboxylated CBD oil

The decarboxylation process is essential to unlocking all of the benefits that CBD oil offers consumers. CBD is non-psychoactive, so even after decarboxylation users won’t receive the “high” of THC products – the process is simply to be able to activate the various therapeutic compounds of CBD.

Scientific studies have found that CBD oil can work as a treatment for various mental and physical illnesses (such as anxiety, cancer and chronic pain), as well as possessing beneficial properties such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, anticonvulsants and antipsychotics.

Want to learn more about how Cannabis Oil Tech can help you achieve a high-quality CBD oil product? Contact our team of experts today, we would be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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